When I looked out of the window this morning ,I saw the first signs of frost in our garden,forcing me to admit that winter is not “coming”…it's here! I guess that means that its's time to arm ourselves and our children against the creeping cold that is waiting for us every time we leave the house.And believe me -if you have a child,you need to leave the house.A lot.

The tricky part about dressing very young children for winter is that they move so much .You definitely want to make sure they are wrapped up,but you also want them to be able to move around and play.You might think you will need to abandon “cute”to get functional and warm ,but that's what I'm here for: i found a few very cute yet protective outfits so that you can relax and enjoy this winter from rain to snow!My emphases is also on softness since cold weather can be very aggressive to the skin,and small children do not appreciate scratchy clothes.

Guessing upon Luca's affinity for water,I expect him to be a little snowman for his first walking/talking winter,and I would like to share with you some cosy looks from my favourite kids brands.Of course I also put a few looks together that are not too expensive ,please enjoy the images-as always -down below.

As always,I am thrilled to share with you my fashion research and ideas,if you have any questions at all,feel free to email me through my contact form!

Here my fav winter kids brands:

Bonpoint /Zara kids/Il gufo/Jacadi/Raplh Lauren kids/Mini rodini/Babe and Tess/


mini rodini ,zara,sorel

jacadi plus Zara shoes

il gufo,timberland,zara,bonpoint

babe and tess plus zara boots