My dear Ladies (and Gentlemen),

Yesterday I left my home to catch some fresh air and stretch my legs. Deep in thought I was walking alongside Munich’s beautiful river, the Isar, when I started noticing not only how mild it was, but also that the trees were blossoming. Right then in there I knew I was witnessing the first throes of spring and I can’t tell you how happy that made me!

I’m not only excited because it means that the sun will actually become a part of my days again, but also because nature will be coming back to life. And with nature come flowers, bringing colours and scents. This inspired me to start looking for my spring fragrance. New season, new hair! AND: new season, new fragrance – that’s my philosophy!

I am usually not a flowery perfume type, but I was feeling so elevated and happy about my little discovery, that my feet took me straight to the perfume that I’ve heard a whisper here and there about: Viktor & Rolfs “Flowerbomb Bloom”. While I’d like to say, they had me at first sight – and the bottle is a design masterpiece – truth is, they had me at first sniff! Flowerbomb Bloom is exactly this: a celebration, a subtle explosion (yes, I am aware of the contradictions: you need to smell it for yourself!) of pomegranate blossoms, bergamot and fine mandarin oils. A slight tingle of something indescribable makes me want to hop right into the bottle as not to miss a spot on my body. And can you imagine my awe when I learned that that tingle comes from synthetically reproduced oxygen particles of the pacific northwest mountain ranges!?

The very first day I tried “Flowerbomb Bloom”, the reactions of the people I met fortified my delight with my new scent: the perfume opens up beautifully on my skin and apparently, I smell wonderfully fresh with just enough flower to make people lean in for a second whiff.

I really love flowers. I always have, and I make sure that there are some in our house at all times. I am thrilled that I will be having my own personal ‘bouquet’ with me now, too, and will make sure that there is always a bottle in my dressing room. If you want to try this beautiful scent, you can find them here, your personal spring time is just a click away.

And, may I ask what you like best about spring? Please leave a comment and share the joy with myself and my readers!

In cooperation with Viktor & Rolf

Much love,