As you may have heard, I have started to work on giving to charities focused on mental health. While on screen my life and my line of work looks easy, light and always positive, there have been many dark moments where I had to be careful not to slip into burn-out. I am a very energetic person, I love taking on challenges, and I lean toward perfectionism. That sounds good, but it leads me to push myself too hard while wanting to do everything 100%. If you are a mother, and you’re trying to be a good partner, you have to learn to set priorities, and sometimes say ‘no’ to projects and outings that sound fun.

Thankfully I have a wonderful, caring and warm support network, a loving husband, and a friend, Silja Litvin, who happens to be a psychologist and always takes the time to walk me through my emotions and sometimes kicks my butt if I’m asking too much of myself. She’s also the one who helps me reach out to mental health charity and keeps me up to day on days like these.

Because mental health numbers are quite alarming – the World Health Organisation says that Depression will overtake Cancer as the Global disease burden No One by 2030 – and that’s only 12 more years, I have taken it upon myself to give a little back and raise awareness. On my birthday September 22nd, we raised over 5000€ for Mind Charity and I will start to donate sales revenue from my personal Insta Story sales as well.

Today it is not only important to be aware of mental health, but to practice self-care, and for that I am sharing a game: eQuoo, the Emotional Fitness Game. In the game you learn the psychological skills you need to have better relationships and deal with emotional stress AND have fun. Fighting with your partner? Getting overlooked at work? Feeling life is all doom and gloom? Download the game now for free and build your resilience and learn one or the other thing about yourself.

Much love and happy Global Mental Health Day,