My Darlings,

If you have been following my Instagram, you know that a few days ago, I was at the Milan Fashion Week. It was crazy, fun, challenging and oh so inspiring!
And as if that wasn’t enough to keep one little me busy (spoiler: IT WAS), I flew back home after going to 5 shows for less than 24 hours. What would make me do something like that other than an emergency, you ask (thank God, it wasn’t)?! – Wempe, the unique and luxurious jewellery store invited me to their grand opening, and when Wempe calls, you answer!

Munich is beautiful in many ways: the streets are majestic and green, many of our buildings are stunning in their architecture and grace, plus we boast a diverse portfolio of great restaurants and shops. I love living there and raising my kids in the safety of the Bavarian metropole. And yet I think the opening of the new Wempe Flag Store has catapulted Munich up a notch with its exquisite and sophisticated new interior design. The shop, right in front of the national gallery, is located where the old ‘Münzgarten’ used to be. The location already sets the tone for grandeur, but the building itself is a piece of art. The Hamburg architect duo Anna Nicolas und Jessica Klatten outdid themselves by forging Haute Joaillerie and Haute Horlogeri together with architectural finesse.

As a female entrepreneur, I am very happy to see two women create such a beautiful environment, and Wempe will most likely see me more often than before 😉

So, on the 23rd of February, Wempe graced me with a Cinderella moment by picking me up in the newest Rolls Royce and whisking me to their grand opening like a princess. I was given a stunning pair of diamond earrings and the delicious diamond ring you may have seen on my Instagram to wear to the opening. It was the perfect prelude to a beautiful evening, and I would like to thank the whole Wempe team for the special invitation: I enjoyed every moment of it!

The arrival couldn’t have been better, as the Rolls Royce pulled up to the red carpet with the party lights promising a cornucopia of diamonds, jewels and world class watches. Three stories of luxury and craftsmanship under one roof with shop-in-shops like Cartier and Rolex stealing attention every time you passed them.

And while I felt completely pampered and spoiled up to the point of no return, it is quite funny that my favourite room was the ladies powder room. The elegant wood panels, perfect lighting, subtle scent and perfect interior design made me take a longer break than originally planned while soaking in the pure luxury. I dare say Wempe knows their female customers!

The night was perfect, the hosts were most gracious and the champagne delicious, what else can a woman ask for!?

If you ever come to Munich, it would be a loss not to pass by the Wempe Flag Store – it is the largest in the world – and to treat yourself with the unique ambience and maybe a diamond or two…

Click here for more info: Wempe

Please stay tuned to more stories from the fashion weeks,