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I hope you are enjoying the egg hunt with your family alongside copious amounts of chocolate and egg liqueur.
I, myself am ready for the spring holidays – I can’t wait to bring some flash into the season with colourful accessories. After all the grey and black of the winter it is about time to enjoy the beautiful palette of vivid shades.
The new looks of the season are stunning, who knew that green, yellow, purple, pink and red would fit so well together!? Just looking at some outfits make me feel it is summer!
I spent a lot of time researching the new season, browsing through the online boutiques such as net-a-porter, MyTheresa and Luisaviaroma to see if I would find something that caught my eye…unfortunately this season is GREAT! I have found so many simply beautiful pieces that I could match and wear wonderfully, most of them sadly awaiting me on my wishlist.

And the accessories are, of course, the heart piece of every outfit and look, bringing all the items together in a way that makes sense: take, for example, a pair of boyfriend jeans with a simple t-shirt, add some funky heels with an eye catcher bag or clutch, 70ies sunglasses and a mulit-layer of necklaces and – voila – you are the “Million Dollar Babe”.

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