Sometimes the smallest things in life can be the most important – for example my kids. And my kids’ feet!
While shoes are still more or less a decoration for Matteo, they are getting increasingly important for Luca, my oldest little one. It is so very important to make sure his feet have the right support, and that he walks right, and his back is protected as much as possible. I truly love fashion, and there is no greater joy than seeing my boys look cute, well dressed and stylish. But I would never sacrifice healthy feet for a good look and sometimes it’s not easy to get both. Practical shoes are often quite ugly, and cute shoes quite uncomfortable…

It doesn’t help that Luca’s feet are shaped a bit differently which makes it very hard to find a healthy fit for him to run his 100 + kilometres a day (at least that’s what it seems like). Since about a year I have been looking with him by trial and error, him helping very vocally if the shoe doesn’t fit well, when I finally discovered Falcotto. Falcotto puts so much research and care into children’s footwear to create the best shoes they can. Italian design and love of detail meets a healthy, sturdy shoe that supports the body beautifully. I immediately took to the design, loving the look, but the actual review came straight from the source: Luca.

On our first Christmas shopping walk through the city I noticed that he not only looked amazingly cute in his new blue leather sneakers with a splash of yellow, but that he was comfortable, well balanced, warm and very free in his movements. As a mother, there is no greater joy than watching your child frolic happily, knowing he is all-around taken care of. We walked for hours, played and climbed all day without changing shoes or one complaint. He even forgot to take them off when he went upstairs to play which is amazing because that’s usually the first thing he does.

As a mother, I really appreciate the quality of the fitted shoes Falcotto offers, and as a fashion blogger I love the way the shoes look and compliment my little monkey.

If you ever find yourself struggling with finding the right shoes or your children complaining that their feet hurt, please do have a look at the Falcotto website, and you will most certainly find the solution to your worries!

Enjoy your kids,

Your Vik