WOOHOO! 2017, get your cute little butt over here and give us a whole bunch of love, success and most important of all: peace!
I hope you all had a blast on New Year’s Eve, and are getting ready to tackle whatever exciting opportunities 2017 is going to throw your way! My night was epic and went on until 6 in the morning (who knew I had the stamina – I usually don’t last past 1 am) together with my husband and many of my precious and darling Munich friends. Germans certainly know how to celebrate!

So, after weeks and weeks of cold, cosy cuddling and coats, I am ready for the sun on my skin and a light breeze to go along with it. Yes – we are traveling again, and this time my little family and I are retreating to Oman where we will do nothing but sleep on the beach and play in the sand. We are finally getting around to it, as we had to push back plans for Oman twice already, and now I’m super excited.

Packing for myself, a toddler and a baby (and my husband) is going to be a big job that may take me a few days, so I made a list that I am happy to share with you, in case you might be in the same situation. The cruise collection has been inspiring again, and I love the flattering dresses and mules that are all the hype now:

My must- haves for this trip are:

  • denim shorts
  • off-shoulders blouse
  • slippers and mules
  • slip dresses
  • Marysia swimwear
  • big sunnies
  • messenger and straw bags
  • straw hats
  • accessories

Please stay tuned, I will be following up my Insta regarding all Oman experiences!

With Love

Your Vik