Being pregnant is truly a taxing 40 weeks of your life and it can be deeply confusing: on one hand you are growing a baby, the soon-to-be love of your life.

On the other hand, your body is changing and hormones can make your days a living hell for no apparent reason. For me, changing from naturally slim to big belly bump is sometimes hard. Some days I bask in happiness and want to keep my bump forever and other days I feel like a stranded dolphin with water retention. I have much less energy and running after a toddler with trouble on his mind at 30 weeks is no fun. But then I get overwhelmed with love and joy and can’t wait to embrace the newest member of the family. Here are my top 5 secrets to stay sane, happy and healthy:

  1. Yes, pregnancy yoga is one of the best things you can do. Keep moving, breath deep and relax those stressed muscles. Also swimming is great. It takes the weight off your legs and the soothing soft movements are just right for the later weeks.
  2. Talk to a nutritionist. Get yourself a plan with professional help – your body needs a balanced and slightly different combination of foods during your pregnancy. The right diet can help moderate the mood swings and make sure your baby gets all it needs.
  3. I know that’s a day never has enough hours to get everything done, especially if you have children, but getting enough sleep is crucial for your wellbeing and lowers your stress levels. Force yourself to bed an hour earlier than usual, get some meditation CD or put on some white noise and try to sleep.
  4. Skin care. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. If I could bathe in lotion, I would. All of your vitals are taking care of the baby, so the skin can get dull and dry. Especially the belly area needs extra care as it is being stretched extremely. Twice daily belly rubs can help prevent stretch marks.
  5. You can never drink enough fluids during your pregnancy, even if you feel like a balloon. Keeping hydrated will strengthen and energise you. I’m all about herbal teas and coconut milk. Always have a bottle nearby so that you are reminded before you get thirsty!

Follow these tips and I’m sure you will be able to enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest.