My dear Friends,

It is Valentine's Day and I want to reach out with a few words to make sure you know you are special and loved ❤️. It is clear that Love doesn't need a holiday – every day should be a celebration of compassion, joy and reaching out. But I do enjoy the hearts, roses and all the red that goes along with Valentine's Day, and I'm hoping you do, too. It is easy to get caught up in the every day hussle and bustle, whether you are a mom or  not. This day allows us to show and tell our family and friends that they are cherished, and that is a beautiful thing to me. If you have someone special in your life, you can celebrate that you have each other, and if you are single you can gather your friends and spread love that way. I just hope you are enjoying yourself and finding a peaceful moment to show gratitude for the existence of the many loved ones around you. And because I wouldn't be me without wanting to show my love in my best outfit, here are a few looks that will make sure I have my husbands undivided attention… 😉😄❤️❤️😍