Hello my Lovelies, how are you handling the heatwave?

This last year I have been indulging in a certain accessory that brightens my mood and adds an edge or a touch of lovely to any of my different looks… HATS! – There is just something about the way a hat completes an outfit and makes it special that intrigues me and led to my collection of over 25 hats. (And growing).

It doesn’t really matter what you’re going for, be it a city style, a sporty style or a glamourous beach look, I find it amazing how much joy adding a hat brings me. These days I don’t leave the house without 2 or 3 hats in my car and you probably could tell that I don’t travel without a small collection, either: my new (hat) love, Lola hats, for example are oversized, dreamy creations that give plenty of shade on a hot day while bring a bit of 50ies luxury to the sea side.

With hat’s I now collect tea sets – a set for any type of tea and mood – and (don’t laugh) lip-gloss. That’s right, I always have 3 or more different lip-glosses with me. Most of them are nude and brown shades at the moment, but that differs strongly according to my look and the weather.

I strongly believe the right hat can be the accessory that makes a normal outfit something to drool over and I really wanted to share my hat-findings with you!

Here are my top 10 hat brands of 2018:

  1. Clyde
    1. 2. Eugenia Kim

      1. 3. Cult Gaia
      2. 4. Filu Hats
      3. 5. Sensi Studio
      4. 6. Lola Hats
      5. 7. Lola Hats
      6. 8. Lola Hats

        Did we forget a hat brand you can’t live without? Tell me in the comments, and if I get one, I’ll tag you <3Much summer love,
      7. Viky