I have always been an all-year-round chocolate kinda girl. There is never a wrong time to have a bite of delicious dark chocolate, or a taste of creamy milk chocolate. But there is a season where I go into a bit of a frenzy, and you can guess which season that is… You’re absolutely right, it’s Christmas time! I feel as if Germany formally explodes into a myriad of chocolaty delights wherever you look. There are quite a few types of chocolate you can only find in here – hundreds of different gingerbread variations, marzipan and chocolate coated fruit gels.

And in the midst of all this sweet seduction (literally) there is a company that has dedicated themselves to everything chocolate and cookie: Lambertz. Looking through their assortment I feel like I’ve died and gone to chocolate heaven. Every candy that I associate with Christmas is beautifully represented and their present boxes offer a mix of the most popular pieces. If you take Petite Soleils, for example, one single box contains Dominosteine (in milk and dark chocolate), Zimtsterne, Spitzkuchen and 11 more special gingerbread treats.

My kids love the Petite Soleils almost as much as I do, and enjoy unwrapping the individually packed chocolates as much as actually eating them. The wonderful thing about Lambertz is that they also have an amazing organic oatmeal product line with less sugar. I don’t want my boys eating too much sugar, so the petite Soleils are a treat while they can have an oatmeal cookie every other day without me feeling like a bad mom.

So after a day of playing outside, my family and I gather around our fireplace, sipping hot tea and enjoying the festive deliciousness of all different kinds of Lambertz chocolate wonders.

If you feel like a bit of German goodies, just go to their website at: Lambertz. Expect to be wowed!


Vik *munch*