Shopping in St Tropez,

I’m sure you have realized that one has to be a proper fashion victim in order to wish to keep a fashion blog… My friends like to call me Rebecca Bloomwood after the quirky heroine of the movie ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’, and while I’m not quite that bad, I would still be lying if I said I didn’t appreciate the amazing shops in St Tropez just as much as the beaches and the flair!

It’s just unbelievable how the French celebrate their fashion – you can not only shop in the most exclusive and creative boutiques in the world, but now there are cafes and restaurants attached to all the big names: you can check out the latest Dior collection while having a beautiful breakfast in the Dior garden. And the legendary Chanel Villa is so enticing that one almost feels seduced into buying a timeless piece of fashion along with that cup of coffee.

But not only the big brands are celebrated in St Tropez, there are many small local boutiques with handcrafted pieces such as Boutique by MARIE (Place de la Garonne 83990). There I found many of my unique beach looks: soft flowing tunics, beach bags, accessories and much more.If you are as big a fan of espandrillos as I am, then you must look for the ‘L'espadrille Tropezienne’ store on 15 Rue des Commercants.Many of the small shops are specialized on beachwear and jewellery together such as ‘Kiwi’ or ‘Eres’, and there is a charming shop for mothers and daughters on 16 Rue Allard called ‘Nina Kaufman’. I bought quite a few presents there for my girlfriend and her daughter. One cannot forget the beach shops that belong to the beach restaurants. During lunch hours there are a few girls going around modelling the latest trends, and my friends and I have discovered one or the other outfit we couldn’t resist just 20 meters away from the ocean.

Luxury shopping in St Tropez is never a problem. The Hermes flagship store, Ermanno Scervino, Lavin and Dolce & Gabanna are just a few stops you can take if you really want to stress your credit card. But between local shops with great bargains and the high fashion boutiques you can find middle class stores such as Maje and BCBG that have lovely outfits for a great price. I got myself the black Maje dress that is on all the campaign ads and I’m totally in love with it – so very French!Of course I don’t only like shopping for myself… shopping for Luca can be even more fun! The clothes I find in St Tropez for babies and small children could melt a stone, they are so cute! I’m totally obsessed by ‘Tartine de Chocolat’. It got so bad that I was there every day of our vacation and just when I thought I knew everything the sales woman dug out a few pieces that hadn’t been on display. So absolutely adorable, Luca loved them just as much as I did! Right next to Hermes there is a toy store full of fun and natural toys, of course a red car nr. 1 being Luca’s first choice. And that is just one of the many sweet shops just for kids. You could go all day just shopping for children!

Soon the summer sale will be opened and you can go shopping feeling a little less guilty. 50% off and more will make your holiday a double pleasure, or double trouble, you decide!