Discovering Ibiza.

So my family, and of course my little cool dude is on the road again, maximising the summer while the high seasons kick in.
This time we are off to Ibiza for a few day of uncomplicated hippie life, fresh seafood and turquois water.
Some of you might be asking what we are doing on this island that is so well known for party and clubbing, but Ibiza has so much more to offer than that…
The beauty of Ibiza is that you can go crazy if you like, but you can also have a very relaxed and family oriented holiday, too. One of the favourite places for people visiting Ibiza isn’t actually ON the island, but is the neighbour island, Formentera. If you charter a small boat for a day-trip with lunch – maybe with friends – you can discover all the magical little bays around the charming little island. The water is so clear, you can see for meters downwards, and some areas are so shallow that you can walk from one island to the next in what looks like Caribbean surroundings.
Here some of my favourite restaurants on Formentera:
• Chez Gerdi. Italian kitchen, and absolutely adorable restaurant.
• Juan Andrea. Fresh seafood and you can dig your feet into the sand.

What Ibiza is also known for are the small winding streets lined with local boutiques and cute small cafes and restaurants. I am loving the handmade espadrilles and can’t help looking for partner looks for Luca and me. While most of the shops are cheap, they also have that unique Ibiza style, that you can’t find anywhere else and make shopping such an adventure.

I love it how children friendly they are at the Ibiza restaurants and beachclubs. Even if they cater to an adult crowd, like Blue Marlin, they accommodate children very well, and it’s fun to rent a bed and canopy for the day.
Here are a few other children friendly restaurants and beach clubs:
•  Amante Beach Club (Calle de afuera de Callalonga s/n 07849),  Gecko club in Formentera,Coco Beach Ibiza,Nassau Beach Club.

Enjoy this sunny Days!