Sometimes my job requires me to travel from party to event. And while that sounds glamourous (it most certainly is), it also sometimes leads to me catching a 7 am red eye to Frankfurt after a night of celebration in Monaco… By now I am very stingy with my time, and no one less than Longines could have persuaded me to. But, as I landed in Frankfurt last Sunday, to be whisked away to Baden Baden by shuttle, I could clearly see that I had made the right decision.

Baden Baden is at worst of days a German ‘jewel’ with a long history and stunning architecture. Last weekend the sun was shining, blue skies all around competing with the deep green of the race tracks, making sure no one missed its exquisiteness. Longines had called to the race tracks, a German tradition that can compete with the likes of Ascot, and I happily complied.


Because of my Monaco event I had missed the ball the night before where my business and Glam-o-meter partner, Annette Weber, had mingled amongst the German celebrities, everyone dressed to the nines. When I joined for a beautiful luncheon on Sunday, I was impressed not only by the very friendly Longines team, the lovely watches and the welcoming crowd, but also by the classic elegance everyone easily wore. With my dressy red outfit, I felt very much at home, excited to be able to pick a hand-crafted hat by (…), one of the many generous gifts alongside a pen and binoculars (perfect for the race). There was even a competition for the most elegantly dressed lady, whose name I unfortunately didn’t catch, but certainly deserved it.


The race itself was quite exciting: each of the three races a bit more so than the first – the last race offering 2 million as a prize. Both Annette and I tried our luck, but I guess we were too lucky already to be a guest and our bet didn’t win any money.


One of the most interesting parts of the event was when Longines’ marketing director introduced the brand and presented the new collection. I had always been a fan, but didn’t know much about them, and being able to try on the classy, elegant and feminine time pieces was definitely a treat. They go perfectly along with my personal style, as they are not too clunky and blend with bracelets and other arm jewellery. I love how he said that elegance is an attitude – to which I whole heartedly agree. The watches are beautiful but still affordable, a mix that I really like.

All in all, it was a treat to attend the race, get to know the brand better and meet lovely new people all in a day!
If you like watches, you have to go visit their site and take a look at the new pieces: Shop for watches.

Lot’s of Love,