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How to balance being a mother and entrepreneurship….??!!

Many mothers come to the point where they want to resume their old careers or take up a passion and make it a job. Being a full time mom is very fulfilling, and – as the word says: FULL-TIME. But for some, they crave dealing with adults and adult issues for at least a few hours a week.

Since I am an entrepreneur and am blessed to have my mother available most of the time as well as an au pair gem, I cannot speak for those going back to a 9 to 5 job or raising a child alone. But I can give you a few tips about how to combine a creative entrepreneurship business with having a child: My first secret is organising my working hours around Luca and his daily routine… The moment Luca lays down for one of his 2 naps, I run to my laptop and catch up on my emails and write my blog. As soon as he starts going to the Kita I will have a few regular hours in the morning, which will be lovely, but until then, his bed time dictates my worktime. If I have to see clients or go to events I either take him, or have my mother or au pair look after him. I don’t travel any longer than 4 days without him, because he IS my priority before anything else. Many hotels are children friendly, so on travels it is easy to keep him happy and occupied.

My second secret is that he is actually a part of my business (as you all know J) and much of what I do, such as photo shoots, include him so he is with me anyway.

The only downside of such an arrangement is that I have little to no time to rest myself, and some nights I am too exhausted to do anything but stumble to bed and just crash.But I strongly believe that the right attitude can get you through the most tiring of days when the emails won’t stop coming, my mother is not there, the au pair is sick and Luca decides to do everything opposite to what I would need him to do. Then I just need to breathe, and remember that this is what I chose and wouldn’t miss for a second…

My third and last secret is the BIG “O”: organisation. Everything is do is pre-planned and prepared. Form what to pack, what to wear, when to shoot, every step of the day is organised and there is always a plan b or c in the ready in case plans change. This makes sure that every moment is used wisely and I am scoping my full potential as a mother and an entrepreneur.

So for all my fellow mothers who think they won’t survive the day, and those women dreaming of having a child: you can do it! Stay positive! Everything is manageable, and if you need a day off, make it happen – you are important, too!


My Morning Sunday Desk,precious time for quality reading!


Natural headshoot in my very beloved Vita Kin “Vyshyvanka” dress.