Sometimes people ask me questions about my life that tell me they don’t really realise what it means to work full time as an influencer. Yes, I go to parties, openings, shows. Occasionally, I can travel to a resort or try out a new hotel and restaurants. But they don’t see the hours and hours of making appointments with the makers and shakers of the fashion industry, viewing new collections, organising my team and the daily photo shoots. A 12-hour day is no exception for me, and sometimes the only time I get to write my blog entries are when my children have gone to be and all my emails are answered: way past midnight.


Now please don’t get me wrong: I LIVE for behind the scene. This job is everything I dreamed it would be and I learn a little something every day. And when I go on those important and inspiring appointments, I need to make a good impression both in a fashionable and business sense.

Working with comma has exposed me to a very feminine and elegant opportunity to go about my day feeling comfortable and knowing I always look the part. They have both a ladylike and casual line that I can dip into depending on my day and my mood. This beautiful grey suite made me feel every inch the business woman I am. I was able to move comfortably and felt confident both during the day and my business dinner… What more can a woman ask for?!

The playfully striped dress is part of the more casual comma collection and I wore it to a daytime party along with my hat, jacket and sexy boots. I love how easy and young it is while still having style and standing. I could probably survive on the comma collection alone, not a claim easily said about many brands.


If you also like to look powerful and easily elegant, take a look at their website, and drop me a line of how you like it!

Have a great weekend – it’s back to work in a few days 😉

Your Vik