Hi my Lovelies,

As you know I have gone into crazy-mom-decoration-mode. In a frenzy of gold, glitter, sparkles and knit my boys and I flitz around the house decorating everything that can’t escape us (and some things that try… ask our dog Tiffany) leaving a Christmas feeling in our wake.

Matteo is still a bit reserved (as he is not walking yet) but Luca is a very enthusiastic partner in crime who enjoys running and climbing around the house in his festive season outfits. Too be honest, there is nothing that stirs my heart more than seeing him earnestly hanging ornaments with a concentrated look on his face while wearing a tiny cashmere sweater with bear print by Il Gufo, Matteo cooing happily nearby in the matching sweater. While pants are important, especially during winter time, I often allow Luca to run around in warm stockings along with cuddly pullovers like the bear ones from Il Gufo.

But when they do need to wear pants, I like to dress Matteo up in grey checker trousers and Luca gets camo coloured pants with cool grey boots also by Il Gufo which he adores. Sadly, Luca is getting into the age where he wants to look cool more than cute, and decide his own looks. My days of dressing him as I want are coming to an end, but I am very curious to get to know his taste and style. He’s a headstrong little boy, so I’m sure it will be exciting.

If Luca gets dirty – who am I kidding!?! WHEN Luca gets dirty – I have a camo blazer that match his trousers. Matteo doesn’t need as many changes as Luca does, yet, so there is still less washing for him.

Please let me know if you like our Christmas looks, and I’m happy to help you, just reach out! In the meantime, please check out the Il Gufo site, you will surely lose your heart there!

Happy Holidays

Your Vik