Le Silla

WOW, just wow. Today I went to the Italian Press Day in Munich and met some really talented new designers and up and coming brands from Italy. Some of them you already know; Aquazzura, Le Silla, Stephanel and PAROSH, and some are brand new names such as Mantu and Zanellato.

A few of the labels are very individual and artsy; I picked a few special pieces out of their collections for myself, and just look at the pictures, they are a-maz-ing.

Of course the collections are for autumn 15/16, so we get to see what is awaiting us in the fall. I really love how there are so many colours and combinations instead of the usual black and grey winter look. It seems this winter will not be so triste after all…

I really love Aquazzura shoes, it is easy to get lost in all the choices of so many beautiful pieces – Germans are right when they say “Choice brings torture”.

Stephanel is as always quietly stunning with their easy chick every day style. I usually buy my cashmere with them: even though the pieces are very simple they are always fashionable and every woman looks good in them, whilst being perfectly cosy.

Le Silla makes me want to purr, and their autumn 15/16 boots are my favourite… we know why Italian ladies always look so classy and yet sexy.

Discovering Zanellato was exciting for me because the accessory brand is unpresumptuous and made for everyone and every day. It’s not easy to find something that compliments an everyday look. Same excitement with Mantu whose top fabric quality and lovely cuts rock the 60-70ies look. Their capes, coats and skirts are an absolute must if you ask me, and up high on my shopping list.

Last but not least I can’t stop obsessing about how to combine all the new colours and textures PAROSH has to offer – the are the epiphany of how I see Autumn 15/16, I almost can’t wait.


It is always exhilarating for me to discover new brands and study the seasons new looks, and I’m really happy I got to attend the Press day. I know you love it, too, so I will keep you posted. Hope you like the pictures I took for you. XX




Le Silla










Stefanel 2015/16 Autumn