Is there a better way to say goodbye to a long and lovely summer than to say it at Lago di Garda!? For our last Italy trip, and probably last summer weekend my family and I decided to drive down to Lake Garda and spend a few days at the breath-taking hotel (Lefay Spa Hotel)

In a fit of insanity I decided to take Luca and drive down to Italy myself. It would have been a beautiful trip if not all of Germany, Austria and Switzerland had exactly the same idea… So instead of a picturesque four hour trip, it took us 10, yes 10 hours to get there. I’m pretty sure Luca could have crawled there faster. Even though I am a very patient person, traffic jams are not my cup of tea and driving for 10 hours with a toddler is an adventure I wouldn’t have minded missing out on.

I must say that Luca took the in-car diaper change and on-the-road feeding better than his mother, though, yet all was forgotten when we pulled up to the heartbreakingly beautiful landscape around our hotel. (Just take a lot of wet-wipes, children music and spelt cookies with you.)

This weekend inspired me to bring along my favourite Boho dresses from Ukrainian wonder Vyshyvanka by Vita Kin. All three days I wore only her dresses, and the green and natural vibes of Lake Garda were the perfect match to her enchantingly beautiful pieces. Every metropolitan woman should have a few country days while dressed in light linen with Boho folk embroidery. The lightness of the dresses along with the unique look just puts you in a mental state of countryside easiness. – I think the pictures I’m posting reflect exactly that feeling. It was an overall perfect weekend for luca, my family and I, and maybe I’m even ready for fall now…

If you find this style as delightful as I do, you can find Vita Kin on her official Instagram account: Vita Kin or vyshyvanka_by_vitakin. Vita has taken the fashion world in a storm and her dresses are on the verge of becoming Icon pieces, now is the time to get one:

Astik Kiev multi brand boutique.

And of course it wouldn’t be my blog if I wouldn’t suggest you to mix her inspired creations with some low cost pieces from shops such as Zara and Top Shop. They have a great selection of Boho fashion that fit wonderfully and won’t blow up your budget. You know what!?! – I think I might even make my next entry about that.

Have a lovely day and thank you for reading!