Hey Ladies,

with the many things going on in my life alongside the many things I am interested in, and that I want to share with you, I have the feeling that I have been neglecting one of the most important things to women… Hair. I spend so much time every day to attain that windswept look or making sure it looks healthy and shiny, and yet I end up writing about travel destinations and shoes more than about my hair! But I think I understand why, now that I am working together with John Frieda to promote their Sheer Blonde Brilliant Shine series: I was subconsciously waiting for something big!


Ladies, sit down, because you are about to be blown away! If you are blond, naturally or with help of your trusted hairdresser, you know The Struggle. Yes, I’m writing that capitalized. Each and every one of us has been horrified with a bad bleach, dull blonde and/or shed a tear because we have an unwanted green or orange hue that screams of dilatancy. We fight against dull or damaged hair and that fake look that might as well hold up a sign saying “I’m not actually blonde”.


As a natural brunette, I had no idea what I was signing up for, but once it looks good, it looks sooooo good… And John Frieda’s Sheer Blonde Brilliant Shine series has finally cracked the code to a glossy stunning shine that beautifully reflects the light, highlighting a natural and healthy blond hair that will have you turning heads.

A day with the lovely John Frieda team in Paris, my blogger colleague Lisa Hahnbueck and the fantastic photographer Joan Braun not only treated me with a perfect blonde look, but put together a campaign I think is stunning and absolutely hit the spot using these 3 magical products:


Every morning now, I use John Frieda, blow and style my hair, and VOILA, the world is mine! I have to admit that I glance in the mirror more often than before, fascinated by my new shine and that I take one or two selfies more than usual, but ‘darn it’ – I love the shimmery look!


And as all great minds think alike, John Frieda teamed up with the trend label Andy Wolf who designed some limited edition exclusive sunglasses. The frame is rose gold, with mirror glasses that accentuates the mother of pearl look of the Brilliant Shine Collection. The sunglasses, called “Humphrey v K.” are handmade and strictly limited. Stars such as Beyonce and Bella Hadid love them and now you have the chance to win your personal John Frieda X Andy Wolf Limited Edition I am wearing in the pictures on www.yourbrilliantshine.com.


I think these pictures speak for themselves 😎

What is your hair secret, your magic formula?! I’d love to hear all about your tips and tricks and what you think about John Frieda! I’m keen to chat and some of you can even win a whole Brilliant Shine collection here!

Lot’s of love, your Vik!