I know that the weather all over Europe doesn’t look like we can start to plan outside sport activities anytime soon…


…. But some of you, like myself, may be heading for a small holiday trip soon, so we can get looking for a way to pimp our winter gym outfits for a beautiful outside look.


I didn’t get to speak about my sporting habits too much, lately. Especially, since it’s nearly impossible for me to train as much as I want to. Either I’m traveling (though hauling 2 suitcases on and off a plane and through miles of airport certainly feels like sport), I have a baby or toddler with an urgent and immediate need (Matteo likes to eat. He also like to…) or I’m at appointments. Don’t get me wrong – I love every aspect of my life and I know I am privileged to do the things I do, but 3-4 hours more in a day would be perfect!  


So what do you do when you don’t really have time to go to the gym or take a walk through the park!? – Kiddie Cardio!! I go and do outside activities with my kids. Running after Luca headed towards the street or pushing Matteo uphill in his stroller can keep you surprisingly fit. And the bonding going on is off-the-chart. Big love


Mallorca has better weather than Munich now, so I was able to dig out my new Triaction by Triumph sport set and head to the port with the boys. A little fashion inspiration from the 80s made me add a baseball cap, high boxer sneakers and a hoodie. Off we went, knowing that my agility and speed could and would be tested at any time, I didn’t really want to do any jumping into port water after a wayward kid. Looking fly, all the while, in royal blue didn’t hurt at all…  


Enough about me – I’m curious about you! How do you usually train? Do you have a favourite fashion brand for your work out? Does your gym have kids activities? In which pants or tops do you like to train (short or long) and how important is it to you? I would really love you to comment on this. The more I know about you, the better I can write about things that you care about the most! Please enjoy my sporty mummy look in cooperation with Triaction by Triumph. You can shop it directly through the link below: