Welcome to my new little project, where I will be concentrating on introducing kid’s brands both in furniture and fashion to you!

As I announced in my last post: my trip to Pitti Bimbo in Florence inspired me greatly, and my pregnancy makes any topic around babies super interesting for me, anyway! I found 5 brands that I fell in love with, some well-know, and some up-and-coming. Of course just 5 brands doesn’t even begin to cover all the amazing brands for children out there, but I have to start somewhere! So please meet:

Theophie & Patachou are a Belgium based company that specialises on new-born and baby furniture. Their loving, soft and romantic style is perfect for a baby’s first room, making sure your child’s environment is dreamy and beautiful. Absolutely enchanting!

  1. Aletta caters to both babies and toddlers, using only the softest and soothing of fabrics. Cashmeres and silks caress your child’s tender skin while letting them look painfully cute. If you have ever laid eyes on a baby in one of their gentlemen’s suits, you will know what I mean. An Italian company that stands true to the Italian reputation of being fashion gods.
  2. Bekool manages to rock grown-ups and babies worlds at the same time: their sneakers are absolute must-haves! Small children and babies with sneakers are the hit of this year, it’s the best way to keep your lovebug’s feet warm and cool at the same time! Shop the Italian brand on: bekool.it
  3. Bonnet á Pompon is actually a Spanish brand based in the charming metropole that is Madrid. What I love about this brand is not only the simple cuts and sweet designs, but that all the fabrics are natural and organic. You can tell each peace is made with love and you will find yourself wanting to nibble on your baby dressed in their outfits.
  4. Karl Lagerfeld Kids. Of course the maestro of fashion, the guru of cuts has a line for kids. Maybe you will not want to dress your child in his creations every day, but having an outfit or two is just pure delight. Kids in Lagerfeld look the coolest, each a little rock-star of their own. I love the baby jumpers, and can’t get enough of the baby-boy-suits: “SUIT UP” goes for kids, too!


These 5 brands were my favourites of this fashion fair, but that doesn’t mean that I will be neglecting my brands of the last 2 years:

Tartine de Chocolate

Il Gufo

Petit Bateau


Levi's denim

N 21 new line by Alessandro Dell ‘Acqua (A stunning and stylish collection for toddlers)

EMU Australia and of course the warmest and cutest winter boots by Uggs (starts from baby size on)




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