Back when I started being enamoured with fashion, I would go great lengths to wear what I felt looked great and needed to be showcased. Needless to say, that that was often accompanied by discomfort transitioning into pain at times. Especially with shoes I had a love-hate relationships: At times my feet were covered with blisters and taking my shoes off was the only thing on my mind at the end of a day. But oh my, they were beautiful. While I sometimes still wear ‘killer-heels’ I have slowly adapted an attitude of treating my body better and won’t suffer for fashion anymore.

But one thing I NEVER, EVER did, was make my kids wear uncomfortable clothes, especially shoes, because it was cute or stylish.

I love my two boys more than anything, and their health and happiness is my number one goal in life. While I have dabbled with other brands in the past, I always find my way back to Falcotto and Naturino, the kids shoe brand. By now, the lovely team is like a family to us, and every year I am delighted with the collections they come up with. This fall season has completely captured my heart with deep burgundy tones, browns and dark blues. Lovely combinations that fit perfectly in an autumn landscape full of falling leaves and vibrant yet dark colouration.

I took my family to Tegernsee, a magnificent lake in the middle of pre-mountain Bavaria for a well-needed post Fashion-Week bonding weekend and to just relax in the crisp and clean air. The kids loved every bit of it, letting loose on the grassy slopes and running around all day. I had dressed them up in a cute twin look, Luca equipped with Naturino shoes and Matteo with Falcotto. They ran, jumped, walked and bounced all day without complaining once. I know I can rely on this beautiful Italian kids shoe brand, but it’s always reassuring when they withstand the practical test.

As we’re beginning to travel further each year that the kids grow older, I like to pack smart and shoes that are easy to combine with jeans, shorts and accessories like caps and belts are the only option for my, making Falcotto and Naturino win every time.

For you fashion-moms who love to dress up their kiddos, it gets real easy: the collection is already online, all you have to do is click on my Instagram Story or just follow the link here: All colours and sizes readily shoppable.

As always I am here for you, so if you have any questions, please let me know, and until then, happy trails,

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