With August just being around the corner it is high time to make sure you have your bikini and swimsuit collection ready to go. I am pretty much all packed with enormous suitcases full of my summer fashion favs, just waiting for our next trip. My Fendi sunglasses, the biggest straw hat I could find and I’m off to the airport with a smile as big as the plane.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think summer and sea is – of course – bikini fashion to die for! Strolling down the beach while turning heads and feeling like a perfect 10 is wonderful, and I have found a few pieces that make my heart sing. As the birth of my son is only 2 months ago, I am not quite ready to wear an itsy bitsy piece, but there are so many beautiful options out there, that I don’t miss it at all! Lisa Marie Fernandez, Eres and Kiini swimsuits fit like a glove while making lovely curves. If you have them, you might as well celebrate them! J

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