Good morning to all my coffee-maniacs!

I don’t often delve into interior design, even though it is an exciting little hobby which I was able to indulge when my family built our house. But it is a passion of mine and, as promised, I am happy to write my monthly entry all about my favourite room in the house. That is – you guessed right – the kitchen!

The other day I did a little experiment with myself to see where I spend the most time of my day at home, and the kitchen won by far. It is not only a place where the dark chocolate is stored (very important!), but also where my family meets to spend time together during meals, where I host visitors most of the time and where I feed my boys. For most people, the kitchen is the heart of the house thus the interior design being very important. How do you create a look that is warm, inviting, practical and chic?!

Well, one thing that helps is to have beautifully designed sleek kitchen elements that immediately bring the right touch of glamour into a comfy room. I didn’t start my entry unintendedly with coffee: Nespresso created the ultimate coffee machine with its limited edition console rightly named “Citiz Chrom DeLonghi”. This attractive interior piece not only brightens my day by delivering tasty coffee, but also adds that extra sparkle to the kitchen with all its silver and chrome details.

As I mentioned in my previous Nespresso post, I am a fan of their coffee and love a fresh start in the day with a cup of delicious brew. And making it with Citiz Chrom DeLonghi just makes it all the more delicious. If you are a coffeeholic, too, and feel like your kitchen could use an extra bit of glam, this could be the perfect solution for you, as well.

Have a beautiful day and stay energized,

Your V

Direct link to find your “Citiz Chrom DeLonghi“.