Dear Mommies, Babies and Toddlers,

I am super excited about my topic today! As you probably know (well, now you do!), I have two small boys, one is just 5 months old, the other a very active 3-year-old. As a mother of small children, you must have a pretty strict morning and evening regime to make sure all you children’s needs are met: happy boys, happy mommy.
Before I was a mom I loved trying and testing new skin care products, always looking for a new mask or eye cream. But after Luca was born, my searches became more serious: I needed to make sure that my son’s skin was healthy, not just ‘looking good’. So, I stopped using products with Parabene, silicon, perfume and soaps. I tried everything on myself, first, to make sure that my own sensitive skin didn’t react, and then used them on Luca, and later Matteo to see if they reacted well. Usually I get my products from pharmacies, and I have my favourite trusted advisors in Munich, happy to help. That’s exactly where I discovered the new Lipikar Ap+ care line for babies, children and adults.

I have been using La Roche-Posay myself for years, now. I love their products, and know they have high quality dermatologically tested products that I blindly trust, but this new skin care, that works beautifully for children and adults has been an epiphany! Lipikar Ap+ is free of Parabene, silicon and the rest of the ingredients you don’t want near your children’s bodies. It is made for extremely sensitive skin and tackles Neurodermitis full on. The timing of my discovery couldn’t have been better: both Luca and Matteo unfortunately inherited my sensitive skin, and not the robust one of my husband. The cold makes their skin extremely dry and sensitive, and both boys were showing signs of red blotches and itching around their mouths. Our paediatrician told me it was the beginning of Neurodermitis, but I didn’t want to give them any chemicals until I really had to.

So, after trying a few things, I started using the whole Lipikar Ap+ series. We started with adding the shower gel to their baths. You can already feel the skin get softer and plumper after just one use – it’s amazing! After drying off, we put on the body lotion, also using it as a face cream, especially around the kids mouths. Like I said, you can tell the difference with the first use, but already after a week, the redness around Luca’s and Matteo’s mouths is completely gone and their skin smooth and perfectly hydrated!

Anything that makes sure my kids are healthy and happy is a blessing to me, and I’m so happy that La Roche-Posay developed this beautiful product line. My boys are lucky because they didn’t have severe cases, but I told one Kindergarten mother about the Lipikar Ap+ series and she can’t stop thanking me – her daughter’s severe Neurodermitis has become manageable.

And as if helping our children wasn’t great enough, La Roche-Posay is doing a competition for 5 whole sets of Lipikar Ap+! All you have to do is comment here why you would want to win a set, and on the (5 of January..) I will announce the lucky winners right here on my blog/Instagram account/Facebook page! Be creative, share your story – I can’t wait to hear from you! Please don’t forget to read the guidelines and be sure to use @larocheposay in your comment on Instagram, and @larocheposayde in your comment on Facebook!

Good luck!

PS: In cooperation with LA ROCHE-POSAY. Click here on the link to learn more: Against Neurodermitis