Having just come back from a family trip to Lake Garda, Luca and I would like to tell you about our little trip.

Often I opt for high fashion and artsy destinations to get inspired and live out my passion, but sometimes it’s nice to just relax with the family and watch Luca explore new sceneries and enjoy nature outside of his garden walls. It also helps that the food in the restaurants around Lake Garda are absolutely mouth-watering in their delicious simplicity.


If you decide to explore what Lake Garda hast to offer, I really suggest that you and your family rent one of the picturesque Rivas at the local boat rental and do a picnic on the lake. They provide towels and life vests for children, so even if your kids are a bit too adventurous climbing around on the boat the worst thing that can happen is for them to take an involuntary bath. If you don’t like picnics, there are so many charming restaurants along the way where you can stop for a lazy lunch in the sun. It is wonderful how peaceful it can be near the lake.


My two favourite hotels alongside the lake are Villa Feltrinelli and Hotel Bella Riva. Even though they are quite high class they are absolutely children-friendly and Luca has yet to take advantage of all the things they offer for children. He absolutely adores the pool and it was surprisingly already warm enough for a short splash. The service is exquisite and you will definitely be able to go home with a few less stress-wrinkles than when you arrived.


The Saturday fashion and food marked is a lot of fun (it’s called Salo) for the whole family, and it would be a pity not to try out some home-made ice cream while you are there.


It might not be the fashion-capital, but it was still fun putting a few outfits together, I hope you like my choice! xx  or   Luca blue body set  Flower overall  Paula Cadermatori three colors messenger bag  Black dress and Royal blue shoulder bag  Culottes blue jeans   Kelly denim blue bag Colorful jogging set Denim jacket