Hello my Darlings and Little Explorers,

I can’t believe it – the time of year that fills me most with joy has finally arrived! SUMMER!

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Longer days, mild breezes, light clothes and ice cream. What else could one want!? My family and I have planned the next 3 months to the hour, as the days of being able to be spontaneous are long gone thanks to Luca and Matteo. We have a lot of fun adventures ahead, and my boys have inherited their mothers sun-loving and their dads sporty swimmer genes. Vitamin D is a powerful motivator to leave the house and explore wherever life takes us in the summer for inspiration. Our last spring vacation allowed me the opportunity to do a fun shoot in the sun, but this entry is all about the boys and how to reflect sunny days in their outfits.


When it was only Luca traveling with us, packing was much easier. Less bags, less diapers, less emergency outfits. Coordinating his look with mine was quite easy. But now packing feels like planning a heist at the world bank. Days and days of careful planning and organisation. And yes, I’ve been asked at the airport if I was moving, just because I showed up with 6 suitcases for a weekend. Better safe than sorry!


But now I’m pretty much a pro, and things do get smoother with time. At least it’s still fun packing and planning Luca and Matteo’s cute summer outfits.

What really helps the best is having one go-to store where I can find all the outfits I need for both boys at the same time. Bless Lodenfrey for their extensive collections for kids both in-store and online. 2 hours in their flag store and my boys are equipped for at least a month of frolicking in the sun.



Luca is a sucker for sporty looks, wild prints and colours. I’m always happy to oblige – I think its lovely to dress boys in vibrant and uplifting colours. He is playful, and should look so if he wishes. Give him a hat, some fun sneakers or sandals, and he’s off to conquer the world. Lodenfrey has cool colours in abundance, which makes shopping for him extra fun. Matteo, on the other hand, hasn’t quite yet developed a taste of his own, and is still a victim of my motherly enthusiasm while dressing him. You might think I sometimes get a bit carried away, but at the end of the day a baby is a baby, and summer is supposed to be fun! Stella McCartney has an amazing baby collection that is always on point and of astonishing quality (Matteo is wearing her pants and t-shirt), and I also like to bring a pair of Burberry pants just in case we go somewhere nice for dinner.


So much fun dressing the boys, planning, shopping and then actually see them wear it. Lodenfrey really hits the spot, I’m so happy to have them in Munich. But if you’re traveling or live somewhere else, please check out their online shop – you won’t regret it!

Happy summer vibes,

Your Vik