You know how you grew up with some brands? Kinderschokolade, for example, will always make Germans living abroad teary-eyed and nostalgic, and 40-somethings will want Zwieback when they get sick. Well, my boys have been growing up with Lodenfrey, and now it’s Matteo’s first official Oktoberfest season where he gets to sport a pair of Lederhosen.

I know that I have made the right choices of who I get to work with, when everything about a job is fun and represents what I do privately 100%. For this year’s Oktoberfest Lodenfrey shoot I picked the sensational Hirschgarten beer garden. With its luscious greenery, beautiful booths and mini petting zoo with a goat and deer, I was sure my boys would love every minute of it. And they did!


This year I’m going quite clean and understated with my Oktoberfest styling. Even though Matteo does get his first pair of Lederhosen, he is simply wearing a t-shirt on top along with converse sneakers instead of boots. A cute little scarf that both he and Luca wear make sure you know it’s Bavarian styling. Luca is pretty cool in his skinny jeans and vest, I can’t believe how big he is – he’s definitely no baby anymore. I’m not sure I’m ready for him to grow up quite yet, but he is as handsome as a little boy can be (bear with me – I’m in momma-mode).


As for me, I am super excited to have discovered a very different and unique look to wear: the blouse is lace, which is not unusual, but it is high cut with turtleneck! If you have been or seen pictures of the Oktoberfest, you know that the most admired attraction is usually the Dirndl, and not any of the tents. Voluptuous German ladies celebrate their cleavages in pretty packages defying gravity and most often nature… As a very slim person, and not yet enhanced in any way, I have found it a bit difficult to develop the same amount of enthusiasm for my own cleavage as some others for theirs. This new blouse allows me to try a different style and enjoy being in my own body in the very best way. Hallelujah! The lovely dots on the olive green and blue dress reflect back to my Dior shoes with small heels. Lucky me – this season dictates kitten heels, I admit being relieved. A day with my kids at the Oktoberfest with heels is not anything I would recommend.


While we are all looking forward to the fest to begin, I would like to thank my special and talented friend, Andreas, for the basket arrangement you see in the pictures. He has been doing my house for quite a while now, and not disappointed with the basket full of flowers, vegetables, sausages and pretzels. I can assure you, that everything was eaten to the leaf – our dog Tiffany particularly happy with the sausages, and always ready to help us eat them. I’m thinking she might enjoy the Oktoberfest, but it’s probably too noisy for her.

Starting the 16 September and going on until the 3 October, don’t miss it, it is a lifetime experience!

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