Today I would love to introduce a gorgeous and traditional Italian brand called ‘Loretta Caponi’. It’s made for babies and small children, and I discovered the shop on my first trip to Florence on our Tuscan vacation.

Before my trip, I had seen the brand a few times on the Luisaviaroma website, but I had thought that it was a bit too much to spend on a baby blanket or a baby pillow. I have completely changed my mind, though, now that I saw the collection in the shop: I couldn’t believe how beautiful and inspiring the shop was – It is very different between seeing a photograph and actually holding the fabric between your fingers! Everything was exactly how I would imagine baby and kids sheets to be. Even the towels, blankets and pillows are simply a dream. Most of the items are handmade, with special stitching, soft, cuddly fabrics and playful prints. Actually the prints are the heart of the collection, they are so friendly and original that I’m sure every child would love being surrounded by them.


Once again it was quite hard deciding which pieces to take home: my suitcases were already overflowing, and I could have easily taken the whole boutique back with me…

In the end we got a linen pillow with Pinocchio prints, a soft cashmere blanket so colourful and fun that Luca insisted on keeping it close and a few other individual and special pieces.


Loretta Caponi presents her collections on www.Luisaviaroma.com and on her site www.lorettacaponi.com. If you are looking for a special gift for a little one, you will find something lovely there!