I hope you all enjoyed a happy Halloween with lots of pumpkin, pumpkin spice and more or less scary outfits. Now that Luca is 1 ½, we thought he would be able to enjoy Halloween for the first time and threw a cute little Halloween party for him and his little friends. Since he’s still a bit young, we decided to keep it more sweet than scary; he’ll have plenty of time to go to horror parties when he’s older…

But for now we invited a few friends with small children over for the evening, with a cute Halloween menu and a face painter. I put Luca in a skeleton costume from Zara, and he got his face painted. I have to admit that we grownups had more fun than we should have, and couldn’t stop laughing at how absolutely adorable he looked, instead of scary. Luca, on the other hand, must have questioned our sanity, because we were sitting around him giggling until he went off to have some pumpkin cookies and play with his friends.

So while the slightly older kids were in a dark room trying to scare themselves and play with fake blood (with all the screeching going on, you could believe the grim reaper was in the room with them), Luca got to sit at the table instead of his baby high chair, watch cartoons and gorge himself on pizza and sweets. Even though he did enjoy himself, I don’t think he understood the concept of Halloween… I’m pretty sure he just thinks of this day as “The day I got to watch TV and eat whatever I wanted to”. Next year I think I need to take the advantage of him still being young enough to think mommy is cool and get us a mother and child costume. Maybe he could be a bee and me a flower. I like that thought!

I hope you had a scary and fun night with more treats than tricks, and who knows, maybe you also see Halloween as the night were you could eat whatever you wanted to 😀

Happy Halloween!