Okay, if you ask me who honestly was more excited to move into our new dreamhouse, I would probably have to admit it was me… but Luca's discovery tour through his new secret room left us BOTH with a huge smile on our faces. Nevermind the workers still crawling all over the house finishing up the last little tidbits. Or the persistant cloud of dust hovering in the air and leaving a fine coat on furniture, clothes, and YES- skin (nothingĀ “Tata Harper Skincare” couldnt handle). But the joy of moving into a home my husband had painstakingly developed and built while I had helped design and decorate it, is greater than words.
Luca is now the proud resident of a room furnished with some unique pieces from Pinocio (table, lamp and mirror), and decorated with a lovely ogerman organic brand called “Isles of Dogs”. in these pictures he is wearing Bonpoint pants and an IL Gufo shirt.