Sometimes traveling off-season gives you a whole new perspective of a holiday destination you think you know very well… My family and I have been to Mallorca countless times, and even though it gets quite crowded during the summer, it has been one of our favourite spots. So when we spontaneously decided we wanted to go catch some sun nearby, we were pleasantly surprised to find that it was a mild and sunny 18-20 degrees there. With low expectations we booked the St. Regis Mardaval Hotel, only to find that they had much more to offer that we ever imagined.

The Hotel itself is no less beautiful in February than during the summer, I actually quite enjoy the peaceful off-season flair in the beautiful garden. With two heated outside pools for children and adults, a fun playground full of deep, clean sand and a stunning spa, there is nothing left to want for. I highly recommend the tai and the sports massage. The spa itself was renovated alongside the whole hotel roughly a year ago, and the atmosphere is simply divine.

Palma is quite dreamy at this time of the year, and please take your family for a nice long walk along Park Beach. There they can play, ride a bike and visit the famous cathedral in the town centre. To top off all that fun, you can take them to Kids Republic Café and playground, and have a chat, some tea and a bit of cake with other parents. If you’re sporty (and maybe not super pregnant like me right now), cycling in the mountains is a perfect pastime and a great way to discover more of Mallorca’s rolling hills.

Of course you can go shopping in Mallorca, and I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t find a fashion store like ‘Loewe’ boutique. Mostly the style is very laid back and basic, which is quite lovely in the summer. So all in all, it is a great alternative to the searing cold in Germany at the moment. And when winter feels like it’s getting too long, that’s when you book a flight to this lovely island.

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