How do you make a kicka$$ party!? You speak to Marco Polo’s event team…

No, seriously. After years of events, shows and marketing gigs, I’m not easily impressed, and thought I had seen it all. But Marco Polo’s 50th anniversary managed to blow my mind and has me nagging their PR to get the new collection as soon as possible.


I didn’t know what to expect when I left Berlin fashion week to attend the anniversary. It started out glamourous enough as a group of influencers, celebrities and I were invited to meet at the Sofitel in Munich to get dressed by a friendly team of Marco Polo staff. Grazing through their collection, I chose a beautiful orange t-shirt to wear with my golden skirt for an evening and red-carpet look.

Then a shuttle took us to Rosenheim where the Marco Polo headquarters are, and when we arrived I couldn’t believe my eyes: nearly 2000 people from all over the world (I even met press from Ukraine) floundered happily between food booths, bars and lounges. The whole evening was set up as a music festival, and the atmosphere was just as light-hearted and fun.


After grabbing a hamburger, catching up with some exciting people of the fashion industry and marvelling at the stunning set up, Alexander Gedat called us to the stage to speak about where Marco Polo came from, and where the company is going. I was intrigued to hear that they had started out with a t-shirt 50 years ago, now having shops all over the world. Their story is touching, and gives hope for any entrepreneur and start-up out there.

Barley recovered from the speak, the show started and my eyes must have been popping out of my head because I never have seen anything like it: the stage was set up 3D, giving the effect that we were in a movie. They had divided this year’s collection into 4 parts, adding a new, modern and fresh look to their usual street style brand. It was a sight to behold, and I mentally made a list of nearly each piece on my internal wish list. It felt like they had been looking at my blog and made the collection just for me: long skirts with sneakers, hoodies and caps dominated the runway.


Happy with the events I was ready to just mingle and enjoy the rest of the evening when the crowning part of the party was announced: Robbie Williams was there to give a private concert to us! If I wasn’t a fan before, I am now: he was great, connected to the audience, and when he called his father upstage to perform a duo with him, I was done for.

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What a beautiful evening and event. Thank you, Marco Polo for this amazing experience, I will cherish it. Also: you have my wish list now, ready when you are 😛

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