Maternity wear during pregnancy can come in all shapes and sizes. In a weird way, you have the opportunity to try things you usually wouldn’t and maybe discover new styles for yourself.
 Every woman I talk to has a different story to tell about how she experiences pregnancy, so it’s hard to predict how this very special and important part of your life will affect how you feel and want to express yourself. I, for myself, have come to the conclusion, that you should try anything that makes you feel comfortable, beautiful and at peace with your body – no matter how many pounds you have gained, there are always lovely options out there.

As a mother of a 22-month old boy who is pregnant with her second child, I have decided to be even bolder this time and try different shapes, fabrics and colours. Thanks to our amazing fashion industry there is no limit to creativity and I have so much fun dressing up my belly bump and celebrating every added pound. One of my favourite looks combines boyfriend jeans, leggings, man-coats and oversized sweaters. For one, it’s a cool look, for the other, I hate the idea of throwing away a good look when the pregnancy is over. This way I can combine the jeans with a belt, heels and a tank top when the baby bump is gone, and it’s still a great combo! Here are a few options for you, maybe you’ll be inspired to dare something new:

This green stretch Stella McCartney dress lets you enjoy your baby bump in a very cute way. I like how it is romantic and sensual at the same time. I really fell in love with the white Ellery dress: even-though it is a cut of the moment, its as if it was made for pregnant women as well, I absolutely felt very feminine and adore the pure touch. For every-day, a playful look with oversized overalls, knitwear, cool sneakers and a messenger bag lets you move freely and rock a cool outfit.

My favourite coat by the brand ‘Off-White’ with boyfriend jeans, and oversized blouse and flat boots combine practicality with style – I’m loving it! Just go ahead and try something, I promise you will look great and feel comfortable. This is a magical time of your life, don’t go hiding yourself for 9 months!

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