Hello my Darlings,

I hope you are enjoying the Easter holidays with your loved ones, preferably with some sun!

You know how people say “Time flies”!? And while I always agree, it’s never as palpable as when you look at your baby boy – who’s addition to the family seemed like yesterday – and he’s already turning 3! So many unforgettable moments with my boys are stored away in my heart, and sometimes I feel like I want to slow down time because each one of those moments are so precious, yet fleeting.

This Easter vacation seems to be filling up of memories full of laughter and light. I guess my job can have perks outside of it being my passion: I get to document many of the steps in my boys’ lives. Talking about steps… Matteo (soon to be 1), has been taking his first steps and is getting better every day. From walking on carpet, he has upgraded to trying to walk all the time, meaning that I had to find him shoes to use outside. I was very happy to get shoes from Naturino and Falcotto as they are not just focused on style, but being comfortable and supportive for toddlers and babies like Matteo.

The shoes fit so perfectly that we decided to join Luca for a bit of football outside in the fresh Mallorca air. So, while Luca was rocking his ultra-colourful Naturino sneakers, chasing behind the ball, Matteo wobbled happily around first in sneakers, and then in sandals.

It’s indescribable to watch your children play, walk, run, absorbing everything around them. With the age difference of my boys, I have the feeling I’ve got the best of all worlds, and I really need them to be as healthy and safe as possible. How to make sure of that!? Well, you will never be able to cover all the bases at once, but shoes are a good starting point. The right fit to help your child balance with support where it’s needed is so important. I can assure you, as a mother, that I have done my due diligence with shoes and can assure you that both Naturino and Falcotto are amongst the best shoes for small children. And, as I am by design a fashion-victim, the shoes are always gorgeous and full of fun details.

I can’t wait to show you the first video of Matteo running in his new shoes, it’s going to be simply too cute.

If you want to make sure your children are getting the shoes they need, please check out this link for Lucas toddler shoes and here for Matteos baby shoes and sandals.

Much love,

Your Vik