When I landed in Milan just 2 days ago, I was in for an unpleasant surprise: it was raining! As you know if you have been following my blog, I like to be prepared. And I almost always am. But I was not expecting it to rain on my first day of fashion week, and certainly didn’t bring the clothes for it. But, I was lucky once more, and a few hours in, the clouds cleared and Milan was sunny and blue-skied as I know and love it.

Checking in to the Mandarin Oriental is always a treat, everything about it is beautiful, high end and the service is impeccable. I definitely felt special as any birthday -girl-to-be should. After checking in and getting ready for dinner, my husband whisked me away to celebrate my birthday at midnight in one of my favourite restaurants: Giacomo. We wined and dined until 2 in the morning which was fun, but not so much anymore when the alarm rang the next morning at 8… If you have ever spent some time learning about fashion week, or maybe have been to one yourself, you will know that each FW is fast and furious in its own way. And I dare say Milan is one of the fastest, especially since the streets are so clogged, you sit in traffic jams most of the day often coming close to missing the next show.

I wake up every day around 7, check my appointments, have a healthy breakfast, go to my hairdresser and then head out to meetings and shows. Usually there are presentations, meetings and shows in half-hour slots, but I learned last year that none of the shows start on time, and you will definitely miss your next appointment if you schedule that way. After a long day of frantic flashes of fashion, dealing with collaborators, chatting with fellow bloggers and posing for the press, dinner usually ends around 11, leaving me with emails and correspondence until well past midnight. Just writing this makes me feel exhausted by the sound of it, but the atmosphere during the FW is so elevating and energizing, that I can go on like that for a week before I need a proper break.

On my birthday we took it a bit slow, just hitting Fendi and Philip Plein amongst a few others, both incredibly amazing. I sprinted to Fendi, leaving my car stuck in traffic, barely making it to the show before the doors closed and it was so worth it – the whole collection is a dream, my wish list already impossible to tackle. Philip Plein was grandiose, like a wonderland. It was his last show in Milan, as he is now moving to the states, and he really showed the city what it will soon be missing.

The evening I invited a few friends to Ceresio 7 to continue celebrating my birthday in this beautiful rooftop location. I need not mention that I didn’t get home before midnight again, clearly not feeling thrilled when the alarm rang at 7 again.

If you like my birthday looks you will be thrilled to find out that the first one is Gucci head-to-toe (Milan FW 2016 seems to be in the sign of Gucci, their pieces are everywhere!), the second one Fendi.

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