This year’s fashion week in Milan was everything I hoped for and more. It’s really beautiful seeing how months and months of hard work on a project you love finally starts to bear fruit…. Last year I have to admit that at times I felt a bit overwhelmed at all the new information, the racing pace and being completely new to the scene. Being a model doesn’t really prepare you for the other side of the fashion world, and I would like to express my deepest respect to all the fashion editors and journalists out there running 12 hour days to provide us with the latest trends and styles! On Saturday for example, I went to bed around 3 after the Amfar and had my first appointment at 9 the next morning. My last at 9 at night. And I was told multiple times that that is a regular day!

The last two days were definitely filled with excitement and fun, my highlights being the Missoni bikinis (a bit daring, but I might give them a try), Fendi’s amazing looks and Marco di Vincenzo who I have come to adore for both shoes and clothing. Because the days were so full, I wasn’t able to properly visit all the beautiful cafes and restaurants of Milan, but I did discover a very cute café, (…), which I will visit again next year. I was also thinking to stay maybe one or two days after the FW just to relax and live a while Italian style.

I’M sad to leave, but I must say it was a full success and I will be back again next year. Viva Italia!