I think it’s safe to say that I have finally recovered from the fashion-season-marathon that is Fashion Week. I managed to go to Copenhagen, Berlin, Milan and Paris, sadly loosing London due to my family needing me.

Each year is a bit different than the others and I can truthfully say that I am growing more confident with each year. I have started creating my own, unique style, independent from what others are doing and I feel more centred – even if it looks crazier at first glance. Why am I in fashion if not to celebrate the art of curating exceptional styles!?!



Though strongly fashion-oriented, Milan and Paris differ greatly in the feeling and expression of their ‘mode’: Paris is a bit more sophisticated, elegant and chic. Milan on the other hand leans towards Avantgarde. Bold, loud and experimental, there is nothing you can’t combine in Milan.


On top of all the fun and crazy ensembles I’m sharing with you, I have an amazing new feature with this blog: you can check out every single look, and if you like what you see, click on the link and view each piece individually… Still inspired!? BUY IT! I managed to set up a link for every piece so that you don’t have to go hunting if you wish to purchase an item!




Milan was like a family meeting. I have many clients there and was happy to catch up and deepen our connections. The shows were outstanding as always and here are a few of my favourite:

  • Max Mara. Oh, I just LOVED this collection! The teddy coats, fake fur shearling coats and leo prints were breath-taking!
  • Etro. Etro felt very back to the roots: the styling was unchallenged, details divine and the coats a treat.
  • Marco De Vincenzo. His creations are all a bit crazy, but I do love them. Especially his faux fur coats.
  • Alberta Ferretti. The disco look made a comeback with lots of glitter and a fun retro 80ies and 90ies feeling to it. Definitely for the evening.
  • Sport Max. They completely did it for me with the huge oversize puff jackets. So sporty and trendy.
  • Tods. Tods caused a stir when Gigi Hadid opened the floor with a puppy in her arms. I understand that the loud music and hundreds of viewers are not an environment you want to expose a puppy to but think about the message: fake fur is kicking real fur to the curb: no creature has to let life for fashion, and you can walk your dog without guilt while wearing a cuddly and warm coat!
  • Prada. Prada was exceptional, and while I enjoyed the top-notch show, I couldn’t really see myself wearing anything until I saw the showroom and could picture the way I would style it for myself.

There were very many other wonderful shows, and I’m not doing them justice by not writing about them, but I have limited capacity, unfortunately.



In Paris we were just as unlucky with the weather as we were in Milan. Rain all the way. Thankfully it was fall/winter 2018, so the collections matched the sombre mood of the sky.

I had a lot of meetings in Paris, but I am sad to say that I didn’t feel as welcomed as in Milan. The atmosphere felt less friendly somehow. I did get a lot of inspiration from the streets and shops, though: Paris’ boutiques are one of a kind, havens of fashion and design. Balanciaga and Dior were rocking the shows and I loved the usage of denim and the beach-city bags. Chokers and beautiful necklaces were everywhere, adorning the insanely chic Parisian people.



I had afternoon tea times at the Plaza Athenee, lunches and dinner at Costes and L’Avenue and a hot chocolate whenever I could grab one. We did many beautiful shootings that turned out great despite the weather and my husband came and joined me for a romantic tete-a-tete towards the end.

As the highlight I am thrilled to announce I am officially working with Net-A-Porter! Ah, life is good!

Which outfit do you like best? Which one wouldn’t you dare? Let me know in the comments, can’t wait to read it!

Much love,