This weekend with my son was so special that I feel the need to share it with you, my much loved readers. I decided to take him on a well-deserved trip out to the Austrian mountains, and it was simply glorious.

I love my job and being on the run. It is exciting, exhilarating and simply my passion, but sometimes all the traveling and the organizing, the running from appointment to appointment makes me worry I’m not spending enough time with Luca. We always have a few hours of quality time a day for play and cuddling, but sometimes I think it’s not enough, especially during the really busy months such as the fashion weeks.

With that in mind I decided to snatch Luca and drive to the middle of nowhere just to exhale, unwind and spend some time focused only on my little family. We headed up to Tirol, and what a great idea that was! – The weather was perfect, which made the whole trip even more fantastic, and alone the drive to our hotel was picturesque enough to open our hearts. We went on a baby hike into the forest, visited a petting zoo and met friends for lunch to let him play with other children. If you ever wonder if you should take your child to a petting zoo: DO IT! He never was happier than during the pony ride, or watching bunnies and deer graze nearby. We had such a lovely time and it didn’t even bother me for a second that Luca doesn’t care if it’s a weekend when he wakes up at 6:30. We laughed, we chased each other, we bonded, and I can’t describe well enough how nice it was to be surrounded by nature while having uncomplicated fun.

Thankfully the hotel had a pool, and we went for a swim every single day, as Luca still loves the water most of all. While he napped I read a book or slept myself, and even though it was just a weekend, I felt like my whole family tanked enough energy for the winter season to come!

If you are a rather modern mother, such as I, and you live in a city, you might forget how wonderful, calming and soothing it is to be out in the mountains, and I strongly suggest to take a ride out to the nearest forest, at least for a day – it is so worth it!


Isabel Marant sweater and sneakers/Aigner backpack/7forallmankind denim









Jonathan Saunders booties /Paula Cademartori bag/Joseph top/Dior shades/Hand made cardigan from Amsterdam



Celine coat/valentino sneakers/aigner backpack/dior earrings



I am happy to say that I am starting this new week full of power and happiness, and I wish you the same!

Special Thanks  to Hotel “Grand Tirolia “Kitzbühel for such a warm treat !