Mother’s Day x PANDORA

Today I would like to reach out and give every mother on earth a heartfelt hug. It is one of the days the world takes a moment to acknowledge and celebrate what women are doing for their families and loved ones – and that mostly unnoticed.

My two children are the very first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing before I go to bed. Very often, they are the reason I can’t find sleep as I worry over a sickness or the wellbeing of my little angelic monsters. They are so ingrained in my every day that I have trouble remembering what life was like before them. It’s a little bit as if life started when they joined my family.



Now please don’t get me wrong. I worked 16-hour a day before I had them and 16-hour days are still happening every other week, but now I need to make sure I don’t leave anyone behind. I am an instinctual worker: I love creating and going through with projects and the thought of not working any more is more of a threat than a promise. But now I am a mother, priorities shift and I need to make sure the kids always come first. The split can be mindboggling and sometimes I get really exhausted but when I look at my life, I feel fulfilled, proud and full of love: I am living my own personal dream. I know that millions of other mothers out there feel exactly the same way and I applaud you for following your dreams and raising the next generation so lovingly. I´m glad to be part of such a women empowerment campaign like the current DOPANDORA one and, also for giving every loving Mum in this world a voice – together we will DO even more!


Just the other day, my husband asked me what I would like for Mother’s Day. He knows I adore Luca’s drawings, flowers and chocolates, but he wanted to make sure I felt loved and appreciated. For me, there was only one very easy answer: jewellery. I feel that Jewellery is full of symbolic meaning –
I remember each piece given to me, where it was gifted, what I felt like and how happy it made me. The links of a chain are like precious resemblances of the ties holding my family together and each charm on a Pandora bracelet conveys a little story that makes me smile tenderly every time I see it.

In a way, jewellery is very much like a mother: a hard, relentless and powerful material shaped into a delicate and beautiful form that stands for love and lasts for ever.



The DOPANDORA campaign gives me a feeling of confidence, that we should DOCELEBRATE our life as a mother every day and how we DO LOVE every moment of it, DO MORE for our loved ones as we ever thought we would be able to and still have the power that we DO REALISE our personal dreams.


Happy Mother’s day,


Your Vik.



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