Having to acknowledge that summer is over, is not easy: I’m sitting here writing my last holiday entry and already looking forward to my next summer. But… my last trip was so lovely that it was a beautiful ending to a very good summer.

Having heard so many times how absolutely stunning Mykonos is – and having read all about the jetsetters hopping on and off the island – my expectations were understandably high. I had never been to Greece and was thrilled to finally set foot with my family and its newest member. But nothing could prepare me for the azure blue and blinding white of the island. I am very much in love with Mykonos, and it was definitely love at first sight!

If you are visiting for the first time, you will be bombarded with places to go and see, so I put together a little VIP list of all the best ideas and beaches on the island (in my humble opinion). 4 days are not nearly enough, but you can still enjoy a perfect short trip in that time.

Here my top 4 Mykonos to-dos:

  1. Little Venice of Mykonos. You would almost think that you left the island for some time and arrived in Venice: such a beautiful little spot with lovely boutiques everywhere and the most lovely atmosphere I ever saw on my travels during the summer holidays.
  2. As for beach clubs, there are definitely two you should visit for great food, some afternoon beach party and to flaunt your beautiful little bikini: Namos beach, wrapped in a Missoni-like atmosphere and hot-spot of the jet-set. Scorpios, located a bit higher on a little cliff, but still only a few short steps from the beach. This place has amazing view and on the weekend you can have a sun-downer, party after 18:00 and watch the sun bleed into the ocean. What more could one want in life?!
  3. Hotel Utopia. If you want to have some romantic moments with your partner, this is definitely the place to go. I loved every little bit of the hotel, from the warm welcome to the attentive staff and the beautiful rooms. 5 stars by me!
  4. Take a boat trip around the island. You will be at awe of the beauty around the island. The waters are clear and clean and its just so relaxing and fresh. I do have to warn you about the wind, though: Mykonos is famous for being windy, and you really feel it out in the open. You can forget a nice hairdo and hats that aren’t properly secured. It might also get a bit choppy, so be careful if you get sea sick easily!

All in all the island is a must-visit, and I assure you, you will love it, too! And… the true star of the island is definitely the food: I can easily admit that I frequent very good restaurants quite often, but the fresh spicy ingredients on the island were simply delicious. Most dishes are healthy (lots and lots of quinoa) and supper yummy at the same time. My two favorite dishes are the rocket salad with salty holoumi cheese and couscous with shrimps and tomato sauce – a sensation!

I can promise you I will be back to the island very soon, and maybe we will bump into each other after you read this!

Your Vik