„We’ve landed in Paradise!” were my first thoughts and words when we arrived after a long car drive and a 5.5-hour flight. Luca and Matteo (3 and 1) were a bit exhausted from the flight, but nothing seemed to be a problem anymore, as soon as we set foot onto the heavenly beach haven. The moment I walked into our room, I made a decision: for the whole week, I wouldn’t wear my high heels, and would allow my skin to get a full dosage of Vitamin D while being make-up free the whole stay. This would be a time to wind down, just enjoy and relax.Maybe I would use a touch of lip gloss, glow powder, and eyebrow gel throughout the week – oh, yes, and of course – not to forget – suntan lotion, but definitely nothing fancy.

It seems like ages ago that I have been able to spend such as relaxing holiday with my kids and husband.

I have already posted quite a lot on Instagram and my Insta Story about Oman stealing my heart, especially the Sixth Sense hotel whose excellent gastronomic highlights are based on natural products only, organic cultivation guaranteed. They even tend to their own gardening – actually, the whole little village is practicing a biological horticulture including fruit trees, vegetables and more. I was really impressed by not finding even one water bottle made of plastic or anything else afflicting nature, as well as with the respectful way they dealt with environment. The whole concept is beautiful on so many levels and allows a maximum on replenishment.

Another reason why I would always return there is that you don't feel stressed by the people around you. Hospitality in Oman is administered so prudently that you can enjoy yourself and your family without really perceiving the other guests around. And the compound is so big that you will always have enough space.

My oldest son, Luca completely freaked out when he saw all the water and a whooping 3 pools near our villa. From the moment he set foot on the grounds until the time we left he spent roughly five hours a day swimming. Other than seeing him happy and blissfully playing, it was great to have him pass out at the end of the day instead of forcing him to go to sleep. Definitely better for quality time with my hubby.

“I never wanna leave this place”, I kept thinking while writing this entry and still enjoying my last days of sun, before heading home to the cold and snowy old Munich… But oh well – life needs to go on, work needs to be done and a little weather contrast could be fun as well! (I had no idea that it would be a 30 degree difference!)

My family and I had amazing days recharging our energy reserves, while taking the time to think and plan the new year as best as possible. Due to our busy schedule, we don’t get as much quality time as I would like, so I soaked up every second of it.

Notwithstanding all this, of course I didn’t forget about my “fashion mission” and compiled a few holiday-inspired outfits. I am very happy to show you some of my new season favorites!

I know it's still quite a while till the summer will hit our European cities, but it’s worthwhile to dream and plan ahead, or maybe you might be planning an early vacation in the sun…

So here we go – enjoy my special, easy-to-wear and recreational holiday outfits:

(You can shop for your favorite pieces directly with the link beneath each blog post.)

Enjoy, my dear ones, and relish a most wonderful beginning of 2017!

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