Dear Fashionistas and Fashionistitas,

I am the self-proclaimed queen of online shopping! That might not actually be a good thing – it certainly isn’t for my credit card – but it’s true.

I’m traveling 2 ½ weeks out of the month, and when I’m at home I make sure to spend the time with my family. I simply don’t have the hours to go into the city for a shopping stroll. Every once in a while, I get lucky and there is a half hour in-between appointments, or there is a shop opening I’m invited to, but sometimes they don’t have my size, or it’s too crowded to be fun.

Now that my blog and Glamometer are getting more and more busy I need to be efficient and get inspired at the same time. If I order a new look, it needs to get to my door at a certain time as not to leave me stranded in my nighties at a job (though I still like the pyjama look 😉). Half an hour delivery delay and I have a real problem. Plus, how do come up with the hundreds of looks I post?! – Through keeping up to date!

My Theresa is a beloved online boutique and my go-to source of inspiration. Everyday I get new suggestions and offers that make putting together a look easy and fun. Their service is one of the best I’ve ever experienced, making the whole affair a delight on all levels.

Now, for example, it’s over 30 degrees and my head is in full summer-mode, but I need to know what is awaiting me for the Fall Season. Switching seasons isn’t easy because it’s a bit of an in-between no-(wo)mans-land. BUT: my theresa has a solution for everything, this look being my favourite. A long-sleeved crop top with the newest shorts style: shorts that go up to your knees. How fashionable is that!?! Along with the beautiful book bag style clutch and the must-have accessories of the season (sneakers, yeah, baby), I can go city hopping knowing that I’m completely on point.

Feeling like you could use a fashion-booster or two? Just head to their website, you will not be disappointed.

Toodles, I’m off to their site, I just saw some green sneakers I feel I really need.

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