Spring is in the air

Hello Fellow Trendsetters and Lifestyle Beacons!

Today I get to write about one of my favourite topics again: Wellbeing, natural ingredients and detox. When I’m not obsessing about fashion and how to mix and match new styles to life, I’m researching for organic and healthy skin products. Your skin often reflects your lifestyle and health level – when I get too stressed or am eating badly, my skin is the first to tell me, and BOY, it’s bossy! You can imagine that I’m very quick to comply: happy skin, happy me!

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Oman – “Six Senses Zighy Bay”

„We’ve landed in Paradise!” were my first thoughts and words when we arrived after a long car drive and a 5.5-hour flight. Luca and Matteo (3 and 1) were a bit exhausted from the flight, but nothing seemed to be a problem anymore, as soon as we set foot onto the heavenly beach haven. The moment I walked into our room, I made a decision: for the whole week, I wouldn’t wear my high heels, and would allow my skin to get a full dosage of Vitamin D while being make-up free the whole stay. This would be a time to wind down, just enjoy and relax.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It’s just a few short days until 2016 goes to an end, and I look back both with happiness and sadness as I see what has happened in this very turbulent year, yet there were so many beautiful moments full of love and light, that I feel it has been all in all a good year. Especially considering that Matteo joined the family…

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