Women’s Fall Fashion Tipps 2017

How to survive fall not only cozy and warm, but also super trendy in denim and teddy bear coats – Vikyandthekid’s top 4 fall 2017 fashion must-haves. (3 Exciting fall fashion colours).

Finding the right fall fashion can be daunting…

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I Am Business Woman, See Me Strut.

Sometimes people ask me questions about my life that tell me they don’t really realise what it means to work full time as an influencer. Yes, I go to parties, openings, shows. Occasionally, I can travel to a resort or try out a new hotel and restaurants. But they don’t see the hours and hours of making appointments with the makers and shakers of the fashion industry, viewing new collections, organising my team and the daily photo shoots. A 12-hour day is no exception for me, and sometimes the only time I get to write my blog entries are when my children have gone to be and all my emails are answered: way past midnight.

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