Mother’s Day x PANDORA

Today I would like to reach out and give every mother on earth a heartfelt hug. It is one of the days the world takes a moment to acknowledge and celebrate what women are doing for their families and loved ones – and that mostly unnoticed.

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Happy Birthday, Matteo.

There are few things in life that shake up your essence in a good way, changing how you see life in general. Having a baby is one of them. It cannot be described – there was no way I could have guessed the deep love that flooded me the first time my boys were laid into my arms. Every moment of my life has a sweet song to it now, sometimes a fine tune in the background while I’m working and traveling, and sometimes a divine orchestra while playing with them or holding them while they sleep.

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Vacation Styling with Lodenfrey

I am stubborn.

If I think it should be spring, and Munich thinks it shouldn’t, then I just go where the sun is. So there! I’m officially opening the spring summer season for myself, and of course, for you. Spain is helping me on my quest with light breezes and temperatures around 21 degrees. THAT’S spring!

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