Baby Skin Care


When it comes to baby skin care, I am very selective and cautious about which brands I choose, mostly using organic and natural products without Parabene or strong perfumes. Mothers, in general, are very aware of how soft and sensitive baby skin is, knowing how important it is to find the right care for our little loved ones.
If you are anything like me (and you probably are, since you are reading my blog- thank you for that!!), you are constantly searching for the best for your family.
I have made a selection of my favourite products that I would love to share with you. You will be amazed by the huge selection the market has to offer in this area… Even though it is a very individual decision what kind of creams, oils and baby wash you use, and definitely dependent on your baby’s skin type, there are a few quality choices you cannot go wrong with. I have tried many of these lovely products, and maybe you will discover something new!



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Colourful play day.


Having been inspired by this beautiful and colourful play day, I decided to do another 70ies shoot, creating similarly creative outfits full of life and vitality. I’m wearing a Zara dress with a long hippie-inspired cardigan, adding Cloe shoes and a Valentino bag to ‘fashion up’ the ensemble. You do not have to be dressed in brands from head to toe to make a statement…

The cape from my own brand (Vira) goes beautifully with another Zara dress. The vintage Kelly says as much “70ies” as the outfit does, and I’m simply loving the Prada shoes and cute socks. How Flower-Power is that!?! (Chloe flats)






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Weekend for two.


After over 3 months of moving, being bombarded by questions and having the house full of strangers, Luca and I finally had a moment to enjoy the new house. I know my husband and I have made the right choice by just watching Luca playing in all the different rooms. It’s unbelievably amazing and absolutely heart-warming to see him discover all the playing possibilities the new house has to offer… and you can easily tell who he has gotten his love for fire-red Formula 1 cars from. Dressed in his lovely little Dolce & Gabbana outfit, that was a gift to us, he looks exactly like a little Italian boy – I think I need to start planning a vacation to Tuscany!

Unfortunately he doesn’t just concentrate on the actual toys when he is playing, but will easily incorporate pieces of furniture and my clothes. Just imagine my surprise when the bite-marks on my gold Prada shoes did not come from our French Bulldog, Tiffany, but from my little “Angel”… thinking about it, he’s quite a sucker for gold and bright colours like red and hot pink; after him discovering the gold and white vintage lamp in my office, I can’t leave him alone for a second. He won’t believe me it’s not a climbing toy. And yet, even though he is a handful, and every mother will know that a simple 1 hour nap sounds like Nirvana, I seriously realize how wonderfully blessed I am, and how I cherish being a mother.

Luca wearing Mini Rodini overall and D&G kids total look with jeans and t-shirt.











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Fooling around with captain Luca …


New house, new feelings and love gets us to have lots of fun with eachother … and of course mostly for our little one 😉
We just played our way through our favorite rooms of the house. Luca decided on what to play with. Unfortunately he decided to play with mama's Louboutin shoes and also tried on my Gucci hat and my Hermès bracelett. He tried to work his way through with his six little teeth. Fortunately he didn't come that far 🙂

We chose something cosy that fit our adventure best … bodies by Gap Kids, shorts by Bonpoint and hat by Petite Bateau.















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