Big Ben, Big Wheel, Big Love!


There are many reasons to go to London: shopping, sightseeing, culture, nightlife, visiting friends that migrated towards the city that is a world of its own… the only problem is trying to do all these things in 3 days!
London is fascinating in so many ways, containing 32 Boroughs, 12 of them alone being ‘inner’ London. Each Borough has its own reputation and specialities and since I had to start somewhere, I chose Chelsea. The small and picturesque row houses mostly being under protection in Chelsea, you easily find yourself in a neighbourhood that reminds you of the quaint English countryside just to turn into a major street overrun by tourists stumbling from sight to sight.

Of course I had to have my typical English tea time, and what would be a better place for that than the lovely Ritz tea room?! The never ending flow of sandwiches, scones, tea and pastries left us feeling guilty and slightly overweight but happy nevertheless.

Of course I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to visit some art galleries: there are still a few walls in our new home that are empty, and wouldn’t it be exciting to bring home a Craig Alan as a souvenir!? It was inspiring to see the Clarendon showroom in general as well. But not only the showrooms and boutiques blew my mind: every little corner and the many creative people living there gave me so much inspiration that I had to sit down and capture my ideas as soon as I got home. London is a hub for all those seeking inspiration and those wanting to share the products of their beautiful minds.

One of the many goals on my to-see-list was visiting the new Victoria Beckham store on Dover street –  conveniently close to the members club Arts Club – where I found a few must haves and a few I really wanna haves. The shop is beautifully done and spacious enough to get lost, but my favourite part was definitely the giant foxglove she had installed in collaboration with the acclaimed set designer Andy Hillman. If that doesn’t summon spring, what will!?

In-between all the inevitable shopping, dinners and sightseeing we also found the time to visit the Foleys bookstore for a philosophical reading and I have found some books I would love to share with you.

After all, there is a time to nurture the mind as well as the body!





























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From Paris with love …!


This weekend I went on a business trip to the romantic Paris. This time without my little one whom I really miss a lot already. So happy to see him again tonight!!

This time I chose to try a new lovely boutique hotel on Avenue Montaigne “Hotel Montaigne” which I definitely would recommend for a short stay. It's very cosy in a french sort of way and the staff is very friendly.
We also had a great time during a little shopping trip in this fantastic district of Paris. My heart was taken by Chloe's new SS 2015 collection – pieces who left me literally speechless. Light fabrics and lots of silk skirts with blouses are key pieces of the upcoming summer, absolutely “Must-Haves” and went straight on my wishlist ;).
For today we thought it sure would be nice to have a sunday breakfast in the famous “Laduree House “on Champs-Élysées. A truly beautiful experience enjoying very yummy macaroons with pain en chocolate in a french classic atmosphere…we really enjoy it!

A bientot Pariiii❤️…!

For dinner I was wearing a “Dries Van Noten” cardigan from, Louboutin boots and jbrand jeans.
Between my appoointments I wore a black coat by Celine, a Burberry cape and Valentino sneakers…combined with a Celine bag.













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Welcome to “Luca Land” …


I took some pictures of my little wonder while playing in his room…to show you the highlights of Luca's “Secret Room”.
Maybe you already realized that the number 1 is our “Red Racing Car” – easy to guess that this is the real boy toy!
We also chose Pinocchio as one of our room guests. Well, only in the shape of lamps and tables of course 🙂

I love to dress Luca like a little “Man”, so today he is wearing a caro shirt from Bonpoint, jeans from Jacade and cherry socks from Bonpoint.








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Breakfast of a champion


Good Morning weekend! 🙂

We started our day with a healthy breakfast. I offered my little prince 3 meals to choose from:

1. A self made smoothie with banana, apple, pear and a bit of berries mixed with a spoon full of natural yoghurt
2. A “Gerber” oatmeal cereal and …
3. A cup of plain yoghurt

Luca really loves to have a variety and test for himself. It helps him to understand the differences of various meals.
Sometimes we get a little help from children cartoons as “Masha and Bear” for a peaceful breakfast :))

We wish you a lovely weekend with your beloved ones!!!











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