Weekend for two.


After over 3 months of moving, being bombarded by questions and having the house full of strangers, Luca and I finally had a moment to enjoy the new house. I know my husband and I have made the right choice by just watching Luca playing in all the different rooms. It’s unbelievably amazing and absolutely heart-warming to see him discover all the playing possibilities the new house has to offer… and you can easily tell who he has gotten his love for fire-red Formula 1 cars from. Dressed in his lovely little Dolce & Gabbana outfit, that was a gift to us, he looks exactly like a little Italian boy – I think I need to start planning a vacation to Tuscany!

Unfortunately he doesn’t just concentrate on the actual toys when he is playing, but will easily incorporate pieces of furniture and my clothes. Just imagine my surprise when the bite-marks on my gold Prada shoes did not come from our French Bulldog, Tiffany, but from my little “Angel”… thinking about it, he’s quite a sucker for gold and bright colours like red and hot pink; after him discovering the gold and white vintage lamp in my office, I can’t leave him alone for a second. He won’t believe me it’s not a climbing toy. And yet, even though he is a handful, and every mother will know that a simple 1 hour nap sounds like Nirvana, I seriously realize how wonderfully blessed I am, and how I cherish being a mother.

Luca wearing Mini Rodini overall and D&G kids total look with jeans and t-shirt.












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Fooling around with captain Luca …


New house, new feelings and love gets us to have lots of fun with eachother … and of course mostly for our little one 😉
We just played our way through our favorite rooms of the house. Luca decided on what to play with. Unfortunately he decided to play with mama's Louboutin shoes and also tried on my Gucci hat and my Hermès bracelett. He tried to work his way through with his six little teeth. Fortunately he didn't come that far 🙂

We chose something cosy that fit our adventure best … bodies by Gap Kids, shorts by Bonpoint and hat by Petite Bateau.















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Twin-Set boutique Opening (Munich, 18th of march)


It was a beautiful opening party of “Twin Set” in Munich and I am glad that I was able to be a part of it.
As you probably already know, this brand comes from Italy and it very much stands for a young, romantic and sensual woman .
I would say it's a metropolitan brand and gives a large choice of what a women would look for. Sometimes more girly and for some days more lady like. And they also offer lovely baby and children's wear! We found some simply adorable pieces for my little angel – who was waiting for mummy at Home. I selected two accessories looks which are always good to have in your wardrobe. A pair of sneakers with a printed leather bag or as an alternative for summer I found some lovely red shopper with matching lace sneakers.
I really do love their new boutique in downtown (Theatinerstrasse 8) and I love that pretty decoration they've done for the opening. The white lampshade looks amazing and created a truly magic atmosphere .

That night I wore:
Stella McCartney pyjamas set
Isabel Marant blazer
Hermes bag
Sophia Webster pumps … and of course a happy smile 🙂

Have a wonderful day !!




V_Rader_18.03.15_199 1















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Springtime Glow


This spring is going to be all about feminine, soft and pastel tones. I love how this look embraces both a sweet, sensuous flair as well as a bit dark and sexy eye makeup. A woman has many facets and it’s fun to celebrate more than one aspect at a time. For the beauty shooting we used foundation from “Nude” and “Armani” to create that soft glow while keeping the skin looking natural. Around the eyes we used “Mac” whose colour palette is simply enormous, emphasizing the shape of the eyes and doing a smoky eye for that sexy twinkle.
The hair is blow dried, curled and then just tousled messily for an out-of-bed look. Now all I needed was a cheeky thought and voilà! There you have a beautiful beauty editorial.





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