Me and Mini Me


Turns out, baby cheap mlb jerseys Luca is my partner in crime, the mini Clyde to my Bonny, or wholesale mlb jerseys mini Mickey Vps to my Mallory. Well… Room actually we would never hurt a fly and Luca is such a sweetheart that he might cause some swooning at worst, but it sure is fun to oud bring out the and cool cheap mlb jerseys every once in a Adventure while. Prowling Munich’s streets in (Herzogpark area) sunglasses and a leather skirt by Celine and Isabel Marant is a nice way wholesale nba jerseys to wholesale nfl jerseys celebrate It! some of the few sunny den winter Sitecake days.





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Luca’s Lovely Room


I cheap mlb jerseys wonder who Luca has got his love for the camera from… 😉 He certainly has his flirt on, competing with the teddy bears in cheap jerseys cuteness.
Furnishing a baby room must be one of a the most fun It! things I can imagine – the possibilities are endless if you survive the fluffiness overload. If I had my way, there cheap jerseys probably wouldn’t be room left for Luca in a sea of stuffed animals, little boys outfits, Love pillows and blankets. But I know children need space to move 4.35pm around and often less is more since I don’t want to overwhelm his developing senses. That’s why his favourite teddies watch over him as he cheap jerseys discovers his new room and conquers the Haber1 crib with just enough toys to keep him occupied.





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Luca and the camera – Love at first sight


Whoever KRED? said that glamour and babies don’t fit well together, never threw on couture and had a dance with the new special person in their life. To wholesale MLB jerseys be absolutely honest, Slider03 being hasta a mother cheap MLB jerseys makes me feel more feminine and graceful than ever before – Debt the archaic feeling of holding my son resonates with everything that makes me a woman…
A wholesale NFL jerseys picture can never capture the true It! essence of a moment Award with your child, but it can be wholesale Minnesota Vikings jerseys a lovely reminder.









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