Pretty Little Things


I love my readers for many reasons… Some of them being that you send me ideas, inspirations and let me know what is moving your fashion senses at the moment. But also because of your curiosity towards what I do, and the questions you ask me!


Lately I have received many questions regarding what make up and skin care I use, or what other kind of beauty tricks I know of.

So today I will spill my secret daily routine and share what products I use and why…


I know you will all roll your eyes and groan now, but it is absolutely crucial: I drink about 2 – 2,5 litres of pure water a day and a few cups of unsweetened tea (Ayurveda, Detox, Jasmin, etc.). As you all know, the body is made up of mostly water, and the more you hydrate yourself, the plumper and more full your skin will appear. Dermatologists and Psychologists alike say that your skin reflects your inner state. This goes from what you eat to how stressed or relaxed you are feeling. So it is not only important to keep away from sugar and refined foods but to make sure you allow your body the sleep and exercise it needs! I indulge in 70% dark chocolate, so I’m not living like a monk, but I do take care of what comes into my system – try starting your day with a glass of warm to room temperature water with lemon for a week, and see if you notice a change…


I start my beauty procedure every morning by cleaning my face with Bioderma water and then spraying it with Bioderma thermal water (try that in the summer, too, so refreshing). Then I use the 5 minute eye mask from La Biostetique (Absolute magic), remove it and apply an eye serum by Adore. As soon as it’s soaked into the skin I pat a tiny bit of the Adore cream on top to finish the eyes.


As a day cream I use two of my favourites… one is from La Biostetique, a serum against first signs of wrinkles which moisturizes with a lovely texture and over that I apply a bit of organic (Only herbal ingredients) cream, sun factor UV 15, to protect my skin during the day. Another spray of thermal water and – voila – my skin is prepped.

I know this sounds like it takes too long, but all together it only needs 15 minutes plus another 15 minutes for a nude or bronze make up. And the skin care is what keeps you looking fresh and protects your skin ALL day. I really think that is worth 15 minutes each morning!


During the day I usually like to keep my look as natural and nude as possible, but sometimes it is fun to add a cool colour of lipstick or a sparkling gloss just to make my face glow. As for makeup products, I like the Armani collection, especially their foundation, Armani Maestro. But also the powder, brushes and mascara are really good. Armani Maestro give a smooth and subtle glow without looking like you are wearing any make up. I’ve never before experienced a makeup so sheer that can cover up so well – Armani really did a good job. The mascara enhances the lashes for a ‘killer’ look and the lip gloss colours and textures add that sensual effect that makes all the difference.


But as you might know if you have been following my blog for some time, I don’t only stick to one brand – I like to experiment! For example Laura Mercier is great for lip glosses, concealers, foundation and blushes.

Mac has some nice highlighters and powders, but it excels in eyeshadows; there is almost no colour they don’t have, and the pigments are strong yet smooth, so that they are easy to blend. I usually only apply Mac at night or for special events, but the wow-effect is always fun. Their eyeliner and the bronze powder with the easy applicator will also always find its way into my cosmetic bag.

Here are a few extra tips:





AURELIA PROBIORIC SKINCARE a great bio organic products .

  • Bobby brown is great for brushed and pencils
  • Nude eye shadow palettes are a must, also because they are easy to travel with
  • Shiseido’s blue line has an amazing purifying powder that covers up without clogging and keeps the skin matte
  • Benefit has a perfect concealer for under the eyes, as well as some shine product and other fun and shiny products
  • 3 times a week I do a mask
  • twice a week a coffee scrub
  • once a month a beauty treatment


Keep doing that, and you won’t need any Botox or beauty procedures for a long time…